An ergonomics/human factors approach to product development is user-centred and systematic. We believe that understanding users' requirements is essential for developing successful products. From product concept through to prototype testing we engage with users at the right times and using the right research techniques to gain clear insights into the product and its features.


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Project example - Bluetooth stereo headset

We were asked by a large mobile telecoms company to provide usability and ergonomics input to the development of a new headset for use with mobile phones.

Our brief was to determine the optimum geometry of the design and the location and operation of controls.

We started with an expert evaluation of current products, both the client’s and their leading competitors. This allowed us to identify good and bad points of the products’ usability.

We then devised a user test which made use of adjustable prototypes to determine the optimum settings for a range of participants.

The outcomes of our research were fully implemented in the final design of the product. The product has been successfully launched and has won a prestigious Red dot design award.

Our product development work includes:


Participatory design

We run workshops with users; getting them to give us design ideas, to review concepts and to think about what’s important to them. This provides invaluable information on the users’ needs and desires.

User testing

Testing a product with real users is a brilliant way of finding out how good it is, how well it meets their needs and expectations. User testing aims to mimic real use of the product. The testing provides insights to how the product’s usability can be improved.

Expert evaluation

We review the product or prototype. We consider the intended users and their requirements, capabilities and expectations. This provides quick usability input, helping to spot any problems and focusing the development work.

Design development

We undertake product design work from creation of initial concepts through to completion of a design and production of final products.

Our design development work focuses on the user requirements and we look to engage with users during the development.