Your people are important. Our workplace ergonomics services can help to ensure they stay healthy whilst optimising their efficiency.


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Project example - Office Ergonomics (Display Screen Equipment - DSE) for Coventry Building Society

We provided office ergonomics services for Coventry Building Society. This started with the assessment of DSE workstations at six high street branches. We were then asked to design and deliver a DSE workstation assessor training course for branch managers, enabling them to conduct basic workstation assessments and identify any risks.

We also provided ergonomics input to the specification and selection of new equipment for DSE workstations including office chairs and footrests.

The ergonomics input we provided enabled Coventry Building Society to meet their regulatory obligations and to ensure their DSE workstations are fit for use, modifying, adjusting and replacing equipment where necessary.

Our workplace ergonomics services span three main areas:


Office Ergonomics

Our approach starts with a training session which covers the principles of good workstation set-up. We then do one-to-one assessments, helping each user to optimally set up the workstation and identify any changes required. This all means that you comply with relevant regulations and have healthy and productive people.

Manual Handling

We can assess your manual handling tasks and provide training for your people. Our analytical approach considers the task elements including physical characteristics of the load, duration, frequency and environment. We identify and prioritise risks and then find practical ways of reducing or eliminating them.


We help in the design, assessment and selection of workstations and work equipment. Our approach concentrates on the user and task requirements. By fully understanding these our development and selection process can focus on those elements which have the greatest impact on comfort and performance.